Our Commitment to Safety

Given the abundance of playground companies that have entered the market in just the last five years, it can be difficult to differentiate their quality and credibility. At Playtopia, we take pride in our approach to manufacturing. When you choose Playtopia, you're choosing a company with over a century of combined playground manufacturing experience. Have peace of mind knowing that our unmatched commitment to quality ensures the highest level of manufacturing procedures and unwavering adherence to all required safety standards.

To ensure consistent quality and safety, our products undergo rigorous testing that adheres to the ASTM F487-21 structural testing requirements. To guarantee Playtopia's adherence to these requirements, we undergo a Third-party validation via the IPEMA Certification process.

As a family-owned company, we recognize the importance of both fun and safety when it comes to our products. That's why we prioritize safety above everything else. Just like we prioritize the safety and well-being of our own children, we are fully committed to ensuring a safe and secure play experience for your little ones!

We Are Redefining Recess One Plastic Container At A Time!

Take a brief moment to look arond at the natural world we live in. It's breathtaking and awe-inspiring and as inhabitants of this beautiful place we call home we have a duty to take care of it.


While we can all do small things to be environmentally conscious, purchasing a playground made from recycled materials is a HUGE thing that EVERYONE can take part in. Consider that on average each play structure that Playtopia manufacturers contains nearly 25,000 recycled milk jugs (150,000 plastic water bottles by weight) clearly shows the positive impact that one Playtopia playground ahs on the environment.

About Our Recycling Process

Sustainability - A Word That Is Often Used

In manufacturing "sustainability" means manufacturing products that are designed not only for the current generation, but for future generations. Sustainability also protects the world we live in now. We are continually incorporating ideas into new eco-friendly products. At Playtopia, sustainability equals innovation. Manufacturing playgrounds comprised of reclaimed plastics ensures that we are doing what we can to protect our environment. Feel confident that when you are purchasing Playtopia products you are contributing to the preservation of the environment as well.

More About Our Product

Playground Designs That Are Planned Around You!

Playtopia takes pride in our commitment to delivering playgrounds that meet your precise specifications. Our experienced design team will attentively listen to your ideas and seamlessly integrate them into every aspect of the manufacturing design process. By adhering to strict safety standards, we guarantee the creation of a superior playground that exceeds industry expectations.

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