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What is the percentage of recycled content in Playtopia's product?

Playtopia's decking material (decks, stairs, bridgest, etc.) are made up of better than 95% post-consumer recycled plastics. Our uprights (6x6's & 4x4's) are a mix of 65% post-consumer recycled materials and the remaining percentage for structural materials and additives. An overall average of verifiable recycled content is 80%.

What type of plastics are used in the recycling process?

Only clean, post-consumer plastic containers are used in the manufacturing process of our recycled lumber.

Does Playtopia comply with the same guidelines as other playground manufacturers?

Yes. Playtopia is manufactured in accordance with the guidelines established in the Consumer Products Safety Commission (Refer to the CPSC Handbook for Public Playground Safety) and the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM guidelines for playground safety in manufacturing. We have also received third-party certification from the International Playground Equipment Manufacturer's Association (IPEMA).

Are play structures built from recycled plastics more expensive than structures built of metal?

No. When recycled plastic equipment was first introduced, it was sold at a premium because the plastic lumber was a rare commodity. Thanks to the growing GREEN initiative, our customers are happy to discover they can actually SAVE monety and still invest in a quality assured, GREEN product. We find that most Playtopia customers are saving between 10 and 20 percent on their purchases over comparable metal playground equipment.

Are Playtopia products as durable as structures built from metal?

Yes, always. In many applications our customers find that Playtopia playground equipment is much more durable than metal. Playtopia equipment thrives in ANY environment. We actually excel in areas where metal structures cannot survive, particularly in coastal areas where the salt heavy air quickly deteriorates metal play structures by stripping away paint and rusting out connective hardware.

Will your recycled lumber fade?

All Playtopia recycled lumber has UV stabilizers blended into the product all the way to the core, making it very color-fast. Now, all product that is continually exposed to direct sunlight will experience some color adjustment, but Playtopia's product will NOT become DULL or WASHED OUT - especially not like the metal post systems that bleach out after a couple of years in the hot sun. 

How long does it take for me to receive my Playtopia playground equipment?

Our typical turn around time for orders is typically better than most in the industry, 4 week on average, less at certain times of the year and a bit more at others. Lead time will typically never be more than 8-10 weeks.

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  • Warranty Information

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  • Playtopia Color Chart

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