The Choice Is Clear

In many aspects, our recycled material is incomparable to what the competition offers. Consider the following significant points that position Playtopia as a pioneer in recycled play, rather than just following the status quo.

  • The lumber we utilize has achieved third-party recycled content verification via the Green Circle Certification process

  • Structural capabilities have been tested and verified per ASTM D6109-05 and D6117-97

  • Specially formulated core to allow for expansion in extreme weather conditions to prevent cracking and warping

But there are other reasons our material is the best in the industry...see below!

  • Graffiti Resistant

    Eliminate paint and other marks with the aid of effective solvents and elbow grease - moreover, repair chips and gouges in the material by utilizing heat!

  • Weather Resistant

    In typical climates or even in more severe coastal areas, it remains resistant to erosion, chipping, and splintering.

  • Bug Resistant

    The product is designed to effectively prevent infestation by borer insects, including termites and beetles.

  • Fade Resistant

    The product's color remains consistent throughout its material core, preventing any fading throughout its lifespan.

  • Softer Impact

    The material we use is designed to be more flexible than steel, resulting in a softer impact during play and making it a safer option for your children.

Will NEVER need sanded, stained, or painted - impervious to mold, fungus or rot. And will NEVER rust!

Additionally, our material stays cooler in direct sunlight compared to steel!

  • 1

    Bales of plastic containers sit on the floor ready to be stored!

  • 2

    Bales are unloaded and onto conveyers and hand sorted. Anything but milk jugs are removed.

  • 3

    Plastic containers are then ground into plastic flakes.

  • 4

    All of the ground plastic flake is washed.

  • 5

    After being washed all of the plastic flaked is extruded into plastic pallets.

  • 6

    The plastic pellets are then extruded into recycled lumber and into your new playground!

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