Collection: Specialty Shades

Collection: Specialty Shades

Elevate your outdoor space with Playtopia Playgrounds' Specialty Shades, uniquely designed to offer innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions for sun protection in schools, parks, churches, and water parks. Our Specialty Shades go beyond the ordinary, providing distinctive designs that cater to specific aesthetic and functional needs.

Our collection of Specialty Shades includes a variety of unique designs, from playful and thematic shapes perfect for engaging children's imaginations in schoolyards and playgrounds, to elegant and sophisticated structures that enhance the ambiance of parks and communal spaces. Each shade is a blend of artistic vision and practical utility, designed to offer effective UV protection while adding an element of visual interest to your outdoor area.

Whether you're looking to create a focal point in a community park, offer a thematic shelter in a school playground, or provide a distinctive and inviting shade solution for church courtyards or water park relaxation areas, our Specialty Shades are tailored to make a statement. They are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity while maintaining their striking visual appeal.

Our Specialty Shades are not only functional but also fully customizable, allowing you to choose from a range of colors and designs to perfectly match your environment and brand identity. They are designed to be low-maintenance and withstand various weather conditions, ensuring they remain a lasting feature of your outdoor space.

Choose Playtopia Playgrounds' Specialty Shades to enhance your outdoor environment with structures that are as visually captivating as they are effective in providing sun protection. With our Specialty Shades, you can transform any outdoor area into a stylish, comfortable, and protected space that stands out and invites people to gather, play, and relax.

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Products faq's

The duration for acquiring a shade structure can differ based on the design's complexity and the structure type. The process generally divides into engineering and production stages. Typically, engineering takes 2-3 weeks, while production spans 4-5 weeks. Here's a closer look:

Engineering Phase: For custom shades not requiring sealed drawings, generating shop drawings/BOMs and preparing workloads usually takes 2-3 weeks. After this, the order moves to production, and an estimated shipping date is provided for installation planning.

Production Phase: When your order enters the production queue, there's often a backlog of three weeks' worth of shade orders. Building and shipping a standard order typically takes one week, meaning the total time from engineering completion to shipping is around 4-5 weeks. However, specific custom features, like unique powder coat colors, might extend this timeline due to vendor lead times.

Certainly, we can customize our shade structures to adhere to local wind requirements if they surpass our standard specifications, upon request.

The concrete needs for the shade structure vary based on several factors, including the structure's type and size, its location, and the elevation. Bigger structures or those with taller entry points typically require more substantial foundations to accommodate the increased load on the frame. Additionally, we can tailor the foundation design to align with your preferred installation approach, whether that involves a spread footer or a pier footing style.

Our standard shade structures, equipped with fabric, are built to endure sustained winds of 75 mph and 3-second gusts of up to 90 mph. Without the fabric, the frame alone is capable of withstanding winds of up to 150 mph. Should you require it, we can also engineer our structures to withstand even higher wind loads.

Our shade fabrics come with a ten-year limited warranty from the delivery date, covering significant fading, deterioration, breakdown, and damage from outdoor heat, cold, or discoloration. If a fabric replacement is necessary under the warranty, we will produce and deliver a new fabric at no cost during the initial six years. For the subsequent four years, replacements are pro-rated at 18% per annum.