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Square Shelter - Laminated Timber

Square Shelter - Laminated Timber


Glued-Laminated timber is a highly innovative material that utilizes the bonding together of dimensional lumber to create a stronger structural member.

Four sided pyramid shaped roofs that are sloped downward on all sides for maximum structural stability and excel at providing protection against sun, wind, and rain. Square hips are symmetrical on all sides resulting in a cost effective solution for any application.


  • Drawings sealed by registered, professional engineer with complimentary foundation design
  • 24-gauge exposed fastener metal roofing
  • Factory powder coated tube steel frame
  • 4:12 roof pitch
  • Hidden bolted connections
  • No place for birds or animals to roost
  • Low maintenance
  • No field welding required

  • Age Group - N/A
  • Play Capacity - N/A
  • Safety Area Required - N/A

Recycled Content


Product Dimensions


Item Weight


  • Steel
  • ADA Compliant
  • ASTM Compliant
  • CPSC Compliant

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